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Home Buyer’s Guide

  1. Be a Pre-Approved Buyer:A pre-approved buyer always has the advantage in an offer situation. Becoming pre-approved is very easy: you complete your loan application with a credit check prior to beginning your home search process. Pre-approval means that you have actually been approved for the purchase by a lender, which gives you the edge in home purchase negotiating.  We work with several lenders that can help you quickly.
  2. Beat The Competition to The Best New Listings:The search process can be both fun and trying. You will notice that some homes sell very fast and others hang around for long periods of time. The best homes at the best prices sell fast. Keeping on top of this is essential. Let us set up a personalized search to meet your specific criteria to be delivered to your email each day.  It only takes a few minutes to set up – contact us to let us know your criteria.
  3. Do The Research:Make yourself a “home value expert.” Investigate the areas and price ranges for the kind of home you are looking for. Get a good idea of the price ranges these homes sell for and how long the market time is for them. We can help here also.  We can set up an auto search for you in the area you are interested in so you can get familiar with prices in the area.
  4. Prove That You Are a Serious Buyer:The best way to accomplish this is with strong earnest money deposit (EMD). $500 or $1000 is a typical EMD in this area.   There could be instances when a higher EMD could help, especially when there are multiple offers.
  5. Don’t Go Crazy:Even in a hot market, be cool and calculated with your decisions. We can really help you here. Your home purchase may be your single largest investment. It is important to make sure that you get the best deal possible. Overpaying now will make it harder to get your value back when you sell.
  6. Keep Your Offer Simple and Clean:Make sure that your contract to purchase is simple, clean and not bogged down with unnecessary contingencies, especially repairs. Keep the time frames of repairs and responses to a minimum. The cleaner your offer, the more interested the seller will become. This may help you purchase the property at the best price. We always recommend a home inspection.
  7. Home Inspection: A home inspection is when you hire (yes, the buyer pays) a professional home inspector, who will walk through the home with you and inspect the roof, electric systems, plumbing systems, appliances, etc.  You will learn a lot about the home in this process.  The process usually takes about 2 hours (maybe longer if the home is larger).
  8. Don’t Do It Alone:What you need most in today’s complex marketplace is an experienced and professional real estate agent who represents your interests only. No matter how heated the competition or the negotiations, a professional agent will represent your best interests, keep you from paying too much and help you maximize your investment.  We are here to help you.  We love representing buyers and helping you find the perfect home.

Are you looking for an agent to represent you and your best interests? You, the home buyer, pay nothing for a professional agent. The fees are paid for by the seller.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you find the most house for the best price.

Happy house hunting!!